Second Star Theatre Company

About Us

"Second star to the right and straight on till morning."

Second Star Theatre Company

Second Star Theatre Company is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization of community artists and supporters whose mission is to foster creativity and education in an inclusive environment through the performing arts.

Our Overview

In the summer of 2016, concerned with the state of theater arts in Southeastern North Carolina, a group of arts professionals and patrons gathered, hoping to create a new organization of the performing arts; by the people and for the people. And in the spirit of following your dreams, Second Star Theatre Company was formed.

Our Values

Second Star Theatre Company believes in:

+ integrity and transparency
+ cooperation and enrichment
+ inclusivity and fairness
+ education and development
+ professionalism and excellence

Our Vision

We focus on our leadership role and reputation in the arts community of Southeastern North Carolina by conducting ourselves with integrity and transparency in all financial, creative, and organizational matters.

We value and commit to support creativity, enrichment, and innovation in all aspects of our organization and the community of which we are a cooperating component.

We believe in offering programs that are inclusive and have meaningful impact on our community while conducting fair business practices and operations.

We commit to the development and support of current and future arts professionals, with an emphasis on establishing and enhancing our relationships with fellow arts organizations, community partners, and educational institutions.

We seek to achieve the highest professional quality in a supportive working environment, and expect excellence from the artists, staff, and volunteers with whom we work.