Second Star Theatre Company

Who we are

In the summer of 2016, concerned with the state of theater arts in Southeastern North Carolina, a group of arts professionals and patrons gathered, hoping to create a new organization of the performing arts; by the people and for the people.

And in the spirit of following your dreams, Second Star Theatre Company was formed.

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What we do

Founded by artistic director emeritus David T. Loudermilk and a diverse and active board of directors, Second Star Theatre Company is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization of community artists and supporters whose mission is to foster creativity and education in an inclusive environment through the performing arts.

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Why us?

As a company of professional artists and supporters, our mission is to be a member-driven, professional arts organization whose values are:

  • integrity and transparency
  • cooperation and enrichment
  • inclusivity and fairness
  • education and development
  • professionalism and excellence
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Second Star Theatre Company

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Our Board of Directors

Indiegogo Funding and Membership Levels

Help fund the founding of Second Star while getting a founding membership and lots of perks!
Second Star Level
25.00 USD

Founding membership for the first year.

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Three Star Level
50.00 USD

One-year membership and Second Star Theatre t-shirt

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Four Star Level
75.00 USD

All the previous perks, plus two (2) invitations to the dress rehearsal of your choice during our inaugural season.

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Five Star Level
100.00 USD

All of the previous, plus two (2) tickets to the show of your choice during our inaugural season.

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Green Star Level
150.00 USD

All of the previous, plus a signed poster of the cast from the show of your choice during our inaugural season.

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More Membership Levels
200.00 USD

More membership levels and perks for all budgets!

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Events, Shows, and Workshops

Day 1
10 Sep 2016
Day 2
26 Nov 2016

Second Star Theatre Launch Party

Second Star Presents FAME the Musical


Coming soon. . .